The Wedmore Neighbourhood Plan may be allocating sites for development in the Parish of Wedmore.

In order to understand what sites could be available for consideration in Wedmore Parish, the Neighbourhood Plan Group has undertaken a ‘Call for Sites’,  which has now closed.

If you would like to give us feedback on any specific site email the Parish Council (make a note of the “Reference Number” as you’ll need it when filling out the form).

Wedmore village potential development sites (click for larger image)

All potential development sites (click for larger image)

These are the sites offered so far (click on “Reference” to see a map of a specific site, size and capacity of proposed site):

Reference Description SHLAA Reference
W001 North of Danes Lea and west
of Lascot Hill BS28 4AX
W002 Apple Dumpling Corner, Sand Road, Wedmore BS28 4BX
W003 Land at Coombe Batch, off
Axe Road BS28 4DX
W004 South of Plud Street BS28 48H
W005 Mutton Lane, Wedmore BS28 4DU
W006 Hettings Shortlands, Mudgley Road, Wedmore
W007 Land on west side of Lascot Hill BS28 4AE
W008 Land at Red Hill, Wedmore BS28 4EJ
W009 Land adjcent to Greystones, Cheddar Road, Wedmore
BS28 4EJ
W010 Land adjacent to Holdenhurst, Cheddar Road, Wedmore BS28 4EQ H032
W011 Westholme Farm, West End, Wedmore BS28 48A
W012 Cross Farm, South of The Lerburne, Wedmore BS28 4DT
W013 Land east of Wedmore Primary School, Wedmore BS28 4BS
W014 Land at rear of Walnut House
W015 Land at Briar House
B001 Paradise Barton, Blackford BS28 4NN
B002 Axe Valley Vets, Redmans Hill, Blackford BS28 4NG
B003 The Firs Cottage, Wells Way, Blackford BS28 4NE
B004 Overbrook Business Centre, Blackford, Wedmore BS28 4PA
T001 Moorland Farm, Westwell Lane, Theale BS28 4SW
RA001 Batch Farm, Rughill, Cocklake, Wedmore BS28 4HL
RA002 The Orchard, Sand BS28 4XE
RA003 Perrow Orchard, Crib House Lane, Crickham, Wedmore
BS28 4JS
RA004 Ragwood Farm, Crib House Lane, Clewer BS28 4JG
RA005 Bronhollow, Clewer

No more sites are being considered now,  so please don’t submit any more.

If you have any queries, please phone The Parish Clerk on 01934 713087 or email the Parish Council and one of the Neighbourhood Plan Team will get back to you.